Lots of you questions can be answered by reading the cameras online manual. For further questions email us at sales@reconeco.com

Do I need a cellular sim for camera to work?
No. The camera will work like a normal trail camera with batteries and a SD card. 

Where will the cellular camera work?
Check the network map of you cellular provider to see if your hunting area has service. 

What is the best direction to face my camera?
Straight North or South is recommended. This reduces glare from sunrise and set situations. 

Camera won’t turn on?
Check battery strength and that they are installed properly

Camera pictures blurry?
Clean front of camera lense with a clean dry cloth. 

Camera won’t store or send pictures?
Make sure the SD card is in the unlocked position. Once SD card is full it will also not transmit or save pictures. To prevent this you can change SD cycle under other to ON. This will overwrite the oldest pictures and keep the camera working. 

Camera takes to many pictures or none at all?

Adjust the PIR sensitivity in settings. 


App get picture function not working?

This function only works when camera is in the "all the time mode" This means the camera is awake and can respond quickly. This more uses more battery life and is not recommended. This may still be effected by the strength of the cellular signal. Be patient.