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Activating your camera is a simple three step process after creating a login. After you have completed each step, please click on the ACTIVATE CAMERA link at the top to complete all three steps. 

Step 1: Register for Warranty

Please click the link below and login to register your camera for warranty. If you do not have an account, please create one. This  allows us to warranty your camera, contact you if a camera is found or sent to us to unlock without authorization from you the owner. 


Your IMEI number can be found on the bottom of your box, it can also be accessed on the camera under the "OTHER" tab, then select "ABOUT".

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 1.10.01 PM.png

Your 20 Digit sim card number can be found on the sim card or chip itself.

Step 2: Purchase Activation Fee

Please click the add to cart button below. Once that has been clicked, please then click the checkout button to complete the purchase of the one time activation fee. Once the activation fee has been purchased, return to this page to complete step three.

Step 3: Purchase Your Plan

Choose your Bell pricing plan

  • Bell Monthly Plan

    Every month
    • A one time SIM card activation fee is also required (below)
  • Bell Yearly Plan

    Every year
    • A one time SIM card activation fee is also required (below)

Please read our Automatic Payment Card Payment Disclaimer under the Terms and Conditions Page before selecting this plan.

*All Canada wide Unlimited MMS plans are on the Bell Network. SMS remote changes from the App are not included. Please ensure SIM card activation fee above is purchased to activate your plan. Every camera requires its own cell plan and activation fee. Sim cards can be activated Monday to Friday 8 am-6pm MST. This typically takes an hour or so. An email notification will be send when your sim is activated. 

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