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Everything you need bundled togeather to get you started. Our KunukHD cellular camera with AT&T sim card,  LBX-3.0 Lockbox and  32 GB SD card.


Easy QR code setup


2200+ pictures per set of 12 alkaline batteries on average


Our cameras work where other cellular trail cameras dont. If your cell phone has intermitent to 1 bar service our cameras typically have 2 bars service


Pictures sent to the web appon AT&T of choose MMS picture messaging with Bell ( sim card sold seperatly)

Tested and proven to work in -40c

24 MP Photos

60 No glow Black Flash LED's

Time Delay Options between pictures

Unlimited cellular MMS Canada wide plans available for $16 per month on website or $180 per year

Free Bell sim card with every camera order.


2 year  warranty 

KunukHD Combo Pack

SKU: 085539000509
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