Everything you need bundled togeather to get you started. Our Scout HD cellular camera with sim card, a lockbox and 32 GB SD card.


Easy set up. Just add your 10 digit phone number to Phone1 and turn the camera to on to start recieving pictures to your smart phone.


2200+ pictures per set of 12 alkaline batteries on average


Our cameras work where other cellular trail cameras dont. If your cell phone has intermitent to 1 bar service our cameras typically have 2 bars service


Pictures sent directly from the camera to your phone or email in 30-40 seconds


Photos sent via MMS text or email 

Tested and proven to work in -40c

22 MP Photos

58 No glow Black Flash LED's

Time Delay Options between pictures

Remote Control app for making camera setting changes from Smartphones

Unlimited cellular MMS Canada wide plans available for $16 per month on website or $180 per year

Free Bell sim card with every camera order.


2 year  warranty 

Scout HD Combo Pack